About Me

Hi Tanay here a young developer from India. I have been working for 2+ years as a developer working on the backend on projects. Most of my projects are built around the Python Language. I have used various APIs like Spotify, Discord, and Telegram to create fully-functional bots.

I really enjoy listining to music while working. Here is one of the best compilations I have listened to. Give it a go.

Hit me up anytime on any of my socials listed here for collabration on any projects.

What I’m good at?

Developer | Freelancer | Student


The majority of my work that I enjoyed was in integrating diverse services and products in my projects. I actually have enjoyed the usage of the Django, OpenCV and Twitter APIs. P.S: Process to sign up for Twitter API sucks.

Python & JAVA

Python and JAVA are the languages I prefer to code in for them being one of the best in Object-Oriented Programming. I am also a quick learner and am willing to learn any language for new projects.

Easy Customize

I have worked as a freelancer in creating Discord Bots. Thus I have a large experience in customizing projects to suit the needs of the customer.

Data Management

Worked majorly on projects constituting data parsing, logging, and its management. I have minor experience in processing raw data and sorting it.

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